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Damien Belporte

Dear members,1 day left until the long awaited Binance pump.The active member count is a lot higher than we expected. However, it is still a bit lower than the high times of BPS. With the current member count we can expect a great pump. Inviting more people will result in an even bigger pump. So, post about it on social media, forums etc.
Tomorrow we will explain our strategy.Link📍


I don't disagree - Is there an exchange you would suggest?

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There are plenty to choose from

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Ma K Sush Enberc

Hi this is old byteball today's obyte?

Ma K Sush Enberc

If yes how I can sell blackbytes?

Ma K Sush Enberc
Ma K Sush Enberc

I want sell it to obyte or btc

Ma K Sush Enberc

I find instructions. But is my balance too Low for selling?

Ma K Sush Enberc

All orders required very big amount of blackbytes?


Are those the instructions you found?

Iop Dof

Dear members,7 hours and 24 minutes left.The past two weeks we gained a lot of new members. We would advice them to read the tutorial "How to pump for Dummies ? "IMPORTANT:Our team had contact with various news channels. Once the initial pump is done (the buys of you guys) and outsiders see the coin going up, we will spread news via various news channels which make outsiders interested and slowly buy in on the coin. This gives our members a perfect window to sell their coins with a decent profit.Do not miss it tonight: have done a quite similar strategy a few months ago on the coins$POA,$DLTand$DNT. The results were amazing. Pictures will be shared below.

Ma K Sush Enberc

And guide working but my balance is only 56 billion and every buy order want like 100-500 billion mininum

Ma K Sush Enberc

If I understand right when I tried to sell it for buy orders

Ma K Sush Enberc
Ma K Sush Enberc

Mean this that some my order have go through? But I don't have received any gbytes/obytes

Ma K Sush Enberc
Ma K Sush Enberc
Ma K Sush Enberc

Now balance is only half of black bytes but not receive anything back

Ma K Sush Enberc

I uninstall gbytes and install obytes and recovered from seed but both black bytes and obytes empty. How I can get old gbtes app back?

Ma K Sush Enberc

160 is lot of money for me. I give 20 worth of it if someone help me out and I get it to exchange and to btc

you dont get blackbytes from seed recovery

only from full backup if i remeber correctly

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Ma K Sush Enberc

I do it also but I don't find where phone save that file. I have looked around everywhere

Ma K Sush Enberc

I got it working but my balance still too small for sell

Ma K Sush Enberc

Someone want buy it's worth of $90.25 now from order book. I can sell with $50


Folder "Obyte" on the phone root directory


Is there really no hope for us who did only seed recovery? 😢

Paul Jules

⚠️30 minutes left⚠️until the pump. The team worked overtime to make sure tonight will be the best and the safest pump. We are ready, are you?
Some good advice to prepare:
- Have both the web app and the desktop app of Binance opened.
- If we set a buy and sell goal, try not to buy or sell above that goal!
- Practise buying quickly.One Link📍▶️ 1,500 unique accounts have been created on our Telegram. This means a lot of new members. Since we are a group that acts in best interest of our members, we highly advice new member that do not feel comfortable pumping to watch from the sidelines and participate next pump.

Julius Shaw

❗️Good EVENT ❗️BINANCE-EXCHANGE аnnounce the beta launch of DEX. ❗️To celebrate the launch of the DEX, team have committed a total of $100 ,000,000 USD to give away to our fans worldwide. ❗️ ❗️Everyone can participate ❗️Thanks for your support! 🙏

❗️Good EVENT

❗️BINANCE-EXCHANGE  аnnounce the beta launch of DEX. 

❗️To celebrate the launch of the DEX, team have c...
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