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Ma K Sush Enberc

I got all back but too small balance to sell :D

Ma K Sush Enberc
Ma K Sush Enberc

This mean too small balance ?

Paul Maxime

Dear members,Today is the day. 5 hours leftand we will mass buy a coin. The team is totally ready. The strategy will be the same as last pump. Our team had contact with various news channels. Once the initial pump is done (the buys of you guys) and outsiders see the coin going up, we will spread news via various news channels which make outsiders interested and slowly buy in on the coin.
📍Link : helpers got hundreds of DM's about if this is going to be a rank pump or not. Like we stated in the Discord. The rank system is close to being ready.This means, that this pump it will still be free-for-all. Like last time everyone will receive the coin signal at the same time!

King Klauz

How do I get black bytes

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Crypto Beadles


Crypto Beadles

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Jules Mingots

Dear members,The day of the pump is approaching. Three more days and we will unite and mass buy a coin. While mass buying, our social media specialists will spread bullish news on some massive social media channels.
The news combined with the upgoing price will make outsiders (people that are not in Lion signals) FOMO, this will make the coin rise even further. After this price rise, slowly sell your coins. Instead of one order, place a couple.More people means a bigger rise in price which means a bigger profit. So, do not forget to invite people to our discord and Telegram.Link :


Why you rebranded to 0byte and not zerobyte which reads much cooler😳🙄😳🙄🙄

because its Obyte

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Anonymouse a rejoint le groupe

I'm not super active these days. Currently at Copenhagen Fintech Week and there are talks, panel discussions and lots of networking. There are events all week until Thursday so I'm basically spending every day from 8-20 talking to people, learning about new exciting projects and generally trying to spot other companies where Obyte would have a potential value proposition.

Dmitry Isakov

Going lower and lower...

Dmitry Isakov

And ideas on what can bring the coin higher?


Help with outreach, help educate about Obyte's architecture and features. There are literally tons of potential applications for this platform. People just have to help them become aware of the platform.


At today's conferences, I heard talks from Tezos, Cardano, Algorand and some permissioned ledger i forgot the name of. What those projects are *planning* to do or built is already available on Obyte.


Just mention these key features, and watch people's reaction: Blockless design Deterministic finality Conditional Payments Multi-signature wallets Tokenization platform


If they fear difficult implementation, just add "and everything is built using NodeJs and of course open sourced on GitHub".


After today's presentations, I met with a guy from a pretty interesting company (i won't mention their name yet, in case it turns out leading nowhere) but he is in charge of future potential are and extremely well versed with all sorts of DLTs. He had never heard of Obyte before. I explained our features and he asked about consensus mechanism. To my surprise, he understood that witnesses aren't validators or censors or in other ways privileged. He was intrigued and we agreed that I should visit them a Friday afternoon and give a formal presentation of our possibilities and key features. We will then look more into how/whether they can use Obyte to further develop their business models.


That's amazing!


Main interests for them is our conditional payments, prosaic contracts, deterministic finality and multi-signature wallets.

That's really great. You're doing an awesome job.

John McLeod

Best of luck on Friday@Punqturedwell done

Witness decentralization is going pretty poorly though :/


Yes, that is something we definitely need to get sorted.