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Why you rebranded to 0byte and not zerobyte which reads much cooler😳🙄😳🙄🙄

because its Obyte

Anonymouse a rejoint le groupe
Anonymouse a rejoint le groupe

I'm not super active these days. Currently at Copenhagen Fintech Week and there are talks, panel discussions and lots of networking. There are events all week until Thursday so I'm basically spending every day from 8-20 talking to people, learning about new exciting projects and generally trying to spot other companies where Obyte would have a potential value proposition.

Dmitry Isakov

Going lower and lower...

Dmitry Isakov

And ideas on what can bring the coin higher?


Help with outreach, help educate about Obyte's architecture and features. There are literally tons of potential applications for this platform. People just have to help them become aware of the platform.


At today's conferences, I heard talks from Tezos, Cardano, Algorand and some permissioned ledger i forgot the name of. What those projects are *planning* to do or built is already available on Obyte.


Just mention these key features, and watch people's reaction: Blockless design Deterministic finality Conditional Payments Multi-signature wallets Tokenization platform


If they fear difficult implementation, just add "and everything is built using NodeJs and of course open sourced on GitHub".


After today's presentations, I met with a guy from a pretty interesting company (i won't mention their name yet, in case it turns out leading nowhere) but he is in charge of future potential are and extremely well versed with all sorts of DLTs. He had never heard of Obyte before. I explained our features and he asked about consensus mechanism. To my surprise, he understood that witnesses aren't validators or censors or in other ways privileged. He was intrigued and we agreed that I should visit them a Friday afternoon and give a formal presentation of our possibilities and key features. We will then look more into how/whether they can use Obyte to further develop their business models.


That's amazing!


Main interests for them is our conditional payments, prosaic contracts, deterministic finality and multi-signature wallets.

That's really great. You're doing an awesome job.

John McLeod

Best of luck on Friday@Punqturedwell done

Witness decentralization is going pretty poorly though :/


Yes, that is something we definitely need to get sorted.

Max Crypto US

Dear members,Tomorrow the pump. The team worked overtime to make sure tonight will be the best and the safest pump. We are ready, are you?Some good advice to prepare:- Have both the web app and the desktop app of Binance opened.- If we set a buy and sell goal, try not to buy or sell above that goal!
- Practise buying quickly.📍Link : 4,500 unique accounts have been created on our Discord and Telegram. This means a lot of new members. Since we are a group that acts in best interest of our members, we highly advice new member that do not feel comfortable pumping to watch from the sidelines and participate next pump.


And, I can assure everyone, that is currently our #1 priority and i think the current discussions on Discord shows that the majority of the community shares this concern, too.


Tomorrow or the day after, I'm going to meet with the CEO of a Danish charitable organisation called "CARE Denmark" ( Google translate necessary) to showcase PolloPollo and the potential it holds in terms of introducing a fundamentally new approach to charitable donations directly to local communities.


I'm planning to do that


You can check out the full program, speakers etc here:

Is there explanations with pictures of the features you mentioned?


Awesome!!! Things like that are exactly what can help make an actual difference! Way to go, MT 🤜🤛

I could use that.

Maybe we can meetup some day in cph or malmø.


Deterministic finality cannot really be "shown". It's a result of the consensus mechanism. Prosaic contracts can be found in the wallet itself if you pair with another device. You then insert your address in the chat and click "offer prosaic contract"


Definitely. Would be nice to meet for a beer, though IIRC they don't even allow you to have a single sip of a beer if you're driving in Sweden. But for a beer and a soda, then 😉


Any plans to come to Copenhagen so we could meet while you are here anyway? I don't have plans to go to Sweden in the near future.

Yes seen it. So maybe a video explaining the finality is the way to go.

You know to make it fancy



I dont think we have that yet. The problem about those things is, that there are literally dozens of really awesome details Obyte has to offer but that wouldn't make sense to mention without also mentioning all the others. It's really difficult to figure out and easy way to explain our platform because it has so many features.

Sure, my brother lives in cph. I'll qrite when I'm planing a visit.

So from a scale from 1 to 10 how much do you know OB?


I usually tailor a presentation specifically to the exact need I know the audience has. That way, I don't bore them to death with irrelevant stuff they might not need while still making sure to get the key points across that I know for certain they will find interesting.


Takes a bit of research and work on the presentation in advance but it is definitely worth it

Thats good.


Probably 9.5 😎

Great, we got a lot to talk about.


And I was never a modest guy either 🤣


R u going on vacation anytime soon?

PM 😁


Oh wow! Just received an email from the organizers of the fintech week, that a pitch slot has opened up, and the first to apply will get it. Of course sent an application


If I get the chance, I will have something like 24 hours to prepare a presentation, rehearse it and be ready to stand in front of the crowd 😳