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Any vinchain official here who can help me

Nadya Yakutsenia | Team

Добрый день, учетные данные в iOS и на сайте не имеют ничего общего, это разные приложения. Токен генерировать заново не нужно, если при входе спрашивает 2fa значит вы его подключили ранее. Если вы потеряли доступ к 2fa ниже пришлю как надо сделать

Nadya Yakutsenia | Team

For 2fa:
You can use this tip: create new account and give it a name by analogy with the following: for example you have an email address: info@vinchain, to create a new one you need to name it is how you will be able to receive all the notifications to your old address ( And you need to put your ETH address to your newly created account and you can set new 2 FA for it.

Nadya Yakutsenia | Team

Hi, how can I help you?


Hey@nadyavinchain! Can you help me with the ETH or contract address where ICO participants sent their contribution too? I have to get my 2018 tax report ready, need to research missing transactions. Thanks a lot!

Vivien Godwin

1 Voken = 100GB 客户端流量,在主流机房和云服务商(如:亚马逊云 AWS、谷歌云 GCP 等),100GB 的加速流量资源价值 $8 美金左右。
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1.Voken 公开销售2.Voken 转介引荐计划3.注册公开销售白名单

Cara Brewster


Nadya Yakutsenia | Team

Hello, please pm me your email address

Andrew B.

Надя, спасибо!Я всё так и сделал, только не с помощью нового адреса по принципу «хххх+1@хххх.ххх», а с помощью своей почтыхххх

Nadya Yakutsenia | Team


is it still possible to transfer VIN erc20 tokens or the contract is locked? I mean I want to transfer my tokens to new wallet OFFLINE and then do sign the message on the new wallet so I can transfer then to VIN blockchain

also, does it matter to be the same exact wallet that sent VIN erc20 to?

Nadya Yakutsenia | Team

Hello if you have your tokens at MEW wallet you need to make a swap first: the token swap is done activate your VIN wallet:

I read that by my question is, is erc20 contract locked or still can sent VIN to anther wallet?

what I'm looking to do is to send VIN erc20 to another erc20 wallet and then do the steps from that new wallet

so, if the contract is locked then I can't do that transfer, I MUST THEN sign message on the old wallet

did you get what I mean?!

Nadya Yakutsenia | Team

the contraact was and is locked and there is no opportunity to transfer tokens to another erc 20 wallet You need to sign with the wallet where your tokens are now


Hi Nadya can we write in private chat?

Nadya Yakutsenia | Team

Hello, replied you in pm

Blithe Gibbon

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York Nell

💹Voken news💯官方回馈用户,限时空投,1eth=100000voken👍

Edison McCarthy

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Sarah Frederick

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Crypto Hydrant

Updates on the obd testing?

Nadya Yakutsenia | Team

Hello, still in process, when there will be some news available we'll let you know

Nadya Yakutsenia | Team

VINchain UpdateDear VINchain community,
We are excited to bring to you yet another update. We are constantly working on improving our products, and our vehicle history reports have been our focus. We have been redesigning the structure of our reports and including more detailed vehicle information. Keep an eye on our official announcements channel in telegram be the first to know all our latest news.
Reports sold so far
This week: 1063 vehicle history reports.
Bought back: 1427232.828 VIN
Link to the buyback: vehicle history reports are available here: you everyone for your support!For those of you who haven’t completed the swap - you can still do it. Simply follow this step by step video tutorial: after the token swap is done activate your VIN wallet as written here: you have any questions - please contact us.Thank you all and have a wonderful weekend 😊👍

Nadya Yakutsenia | Team
Abhinay Bhatt

When is exchange planning? You can apply for dex right

Nadya Yakutsenia | Team

We are already listed on IDAX, IDCM and Cointiger)

Nadya Yakutsenia | Team

We are already listed on IDAX, IDCM and Cointiger)

Abhinay Bhatt

More exchanges


Great news! Thank you! VIN keeps growing and moving upward and forward. 👍🏻👍🏻

tad Tory

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MattiaBXL Enyi-Christopher

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